Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I am back, D didn't ship me off to Alaska, murder me on a delightful picnic or anything other than trying to strand me in a tree so all is good. We had a great few days out and I have lots to share if I can just get these darned photos off D's new phone. *smacks it on the counter* Stupid piece of tech....*shakes over laptop* Pffft.
When D gets fed up of my beating on his phone he'll come do some wizardiness to make the photo's appear so I can use them. Don't get me wrong if we'd taken the photo's with the camera I'd be all uploading their asses. But since we used his stupid "there's a dice game that's not a game so stop playing with it Holly" phone they are encased in plastic screen and won't.come.out.

For now D has more time off work so we're off SHOPPPPIING tomorrow at this huge mall to buy me US some new threads. Oh it's been soooo long since I bought clothes...well except that dress I bought for our anniversary....but before then (being self-employed doesn't exactly buy me new stuff) I wear things I owned for years (yes some things are 8 years old and no they don't still fit) and tomorrow I have a shiny £140 of D's tax-rebate to spend on CLOTHES - OH BABY YES!

In the meantime, thanks for the compliments on my wedding dress, it was gorgeous, I part designed it and rather than spending thousands I managed to get it made by a lovely Chinese woman for just £106 and it's made with Chinese silk and satin. The train is embroidered, took her ages and it's just wonderful. I'd never imagined my wedding dress as a kid but if I had, my word this would have been it.
And for those who said viewing the whole album was bought this on yourselves :P

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  1. I love the details on the back of the dress! Truly a storybook type of dress.

    You guys take a very good picture together. :)