Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Drugs don't work they just make me worse, till I'm ready to kick some ASS

Well I go in for my "procedure" tomorrow, I'd tell you what it's called but all I remember is BLAHBLAHBLAH-SPING-BLAHBLAH-OGRAM. Before I go I have to take antibiotics to stave off any potential infection. Now I have a pill problem rooted in my childhood. I.CANNOT.TAKE.PILLS. Four out of five times I take a painkiller I end up gagging/vomiting it back up. So when the doctor told me I'd have to take two pills in the morning before I go and then one pill a day for four more days, I figured I could maybe manage that.
Then I picked the pills up today.
I have to take 5 count them 5 pills before I go, and two when I return followed by three a day for four more may think I'm over reacting but that's A-LOT of drugs! To make matters worse, the pills are MAHUSSSIVE! Imagine the size of your thumbnail and you've got them. The pills also have crazy instructions the "zippy" pills need to be taken with an hour gap of each other. and then two hours must be left after the final pill before anything else... so for those it's 4 hours of coaxing a pill down plus two hours break. Then I have to have a full tummy to take the second "miz" GIANT pill. My appointment is at 10am...this would mean I have to get up at 3am just to take some pills, even if I didn't have a problem that's crazy.

I rang D in floods of tears sure I can't take them and thinking I might die if I have the procedure and don't. Eventually someone calmed me down...I think it was Emmzie...maybe I rang her after D....and got me to call the pharmacy, explain why I have a problem and ask if they can help. And bless them they offered to exchange them for a suspension liquid. Now I only have to take 25ml of liquid and then another 5ml of liquid before I go....that sounds much more manageable.. no matter how foul it tastes. Think nice sweet coated thoughts for me tomorrow, I'm going to need them!!


  1. I couldn't take pills either until I got these teeny tiny iron pills in high school. Once I figured out how to swallow them, I was good. Now I don't even drink anything with them - though a couple nights ago I couldn't swallow a vitamin and gagged on it and had to do an emergency run to the sink for some water.

    Here is a trick I just learned: look straight up at the ceiling and they won't get stuck in your throat. Brilliant.

  2. I can't take pills without turning my head back and forth like I'm trying to play that game where you try to get the ball in the cup -- the pill is the ball and my neck-hole is the cup!

  3. thanks Angie I'll try that ceiling trick!

  4. I hate swallowing pills. I don't think I swallowed my first pill until college. And it was only because I had the worst cramps ever and no heating pad.

    Hope everything went ok! (I'm about to read it now.)