Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Introducing my Arch Nemesis

A few weeks ago I launched an application to become my Arch Nemesis. If you didn't get change to read that post you can do so here. There was one applicant that was too brilliantly planned out not to accept.
Now I can now proudly, horrifyingly, angrily, evilly present my Arch Nemesis.

Who I imagine looks a little something like Captain Black from from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterones

Captain Black is also potentially half Zombie - given the photographic evidence......oh yes....and possibly also a puppet.
He/She also has "qualifications in Fencing and Martial Arts so I am apt in combat. I am also English so I have the accent to go with the "Evil Arch Nemesis" role.
And is, of course, totally evil.
Apparently he/she also holds the ability to alter my font mid-blog so my posts look bizarre. (and I have no idea how to fix it)

Captain Black's location (other than England) is unknown, please note the image above is a photograph of A Captain Black but possibly not THE Captain Black and may or may not represent Captain Black's true likeness.

Tune in again, SAME time, SAME blog, NEXT WEEK for any updates on Captain Black's evil doings.
Because you know he/she is out there......being evil.


  1. It's HoodyHoo, I'm being foiled by your comments box:

    Are you still accepting applications for Loyal Sidekick? I'm thinking I can be the Asian dude to your Green Lantern...

  2. haha I may well need a sidekick! Captain Black has a whole blog of evilness to defeat

  3. *votes for HoodyHoo as sidekick*