Friday, 1 July 2011

WANTED : Arch Nemesis

A couple of weeks ago Thoughtsy asked the blogging world to provide her with applications to be her wife, and we did. They got married, didn't invite me - oh yes I NOTICED that thoughtsy! And are living happily ever after surrounded by zombies and pop-tarts.

Well it occurred to me that what I really want (other than a puppy and some chocolate) is an arch nemesis.
A nemesis who tries to foil my day, and who I try to foil the plans of. And someone to blame when the stuff hits the proverbial fan. I want an arch nemesis purely for comedy and competition purposes, after all what good 'Shrimp Girl' superhero doesn't have an evil mastermind that needs thwarting?

Sadly D cannot be considered as an arch nemesis and the only people in my life worthy of being an arch-nemesis are too boring to bother with - yes BW I'm looking at you.
I know what you're thinking right now, why don't I just use my neighbours - good question - well due to that court ruling I can't come within blah feet of said party --- nah D made me PROMISE on my future puppy's LIFE that I won't go rumbling* in the neighbourhood. All bets are off though if they annoy me again.

So answers on a postcard, do you have what it takes to be my arch nemesis?

Job Description of an Arch Nemesis

Must have an awesome 'arch nemesis' name
Must have an evil laugh
Must be into healthy rivalry and one-up-man-ship
Must have evil (or ordinary) plans which (they don't realise) need thwarting.
Has to have a good sense of humour and a practical joke side.
Hopefully can draw a cartoon version of self in 'arch nemesis' costume.
Will get a special link on my sidebar so peoples know who you are ---------------------->
Must be willing to be blamed for all of life's mishaps and computer errors.

Must realise 'arch-nemesis' is a just-for-fun title and we will not actually be going to war, but I'm up for a bit of inter-blog combat.

Would you make a good arch-nemesis? If so why? Apply below - if you don't I'll have to go after D and then who will protect da ' hood!


  1. I am Captain Black.
    I am applying for the Arch Nemesis role.
    I have qualifications in Fencing and Martial Arts so I am apt in combat. I am also English so I have the accent to go with the "Evil Arch Nemesis" role.
    This is my request. If a reply is not posted within 20 days it will self destruct.


  2. Holy moley! I come back from TX and see this! Don't worry, we didn't really have a wedding yet. If and when we do, you're totally invited. Right now we're just kinda enjoying the engagement, you know?

    I'm totally applying for the ArchNemesis role. (We can still be blog buddies, right?) Unfortunately, I can't draw, and I don't have a cool name yet (maybe we can brainstorm together), but I would like my evil laugh to be a snort.

    Feel free to blame me for everything. Especially missing chocolate.