Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Cautionary Tale

Years ago I fell out with my vet surgery - we now have a different one - for being ridiculously cruel to Kitalpha and I. I also learned an important lesson which is worth passing on.
I'd like to point out before i tell this tale that I've had cats before but never a litter of new-born kittens so trusting what other people who'd had kittens said isn't such a naive move. (You'd think they'd know what they're talking about)

I was sitting with my friend in the living room when Kitalpha aged 2 flopped into the room wheezing, concerned I dropped to her level when she began to spew white froth across the floor. I scooped her up and Kitalpha was struggling to inhale, I tried to help her but white stuff was flying out her nostrils and she sounded like she was drowning.
Panic hit me so I grabbed the phone and rang the vets.
Let me add we were regular's at the vets, we had three cats and my vet was only 500 yards down the road so I was always popping in for flea treatments, examinations etc.

I explained the situation
VET : We can't see her until 4pm (it was 11am)
ME : This is an EMERGENCY
VET: 4pm

At this point Kitalpha is barely breathing and white froth is still pouring out her mouth.

I then had to explain to the vet I didn't get paid until tomorrow (this was back in the poor days when D was jobless and we had no money to make ends meet) I asked if they could please see her that I'd pay them tomorrow, they know where I live and they know me and THEY REFUSED.
I was livid and passed the phone to my friend who tried to discuss a solution with them. My panic levels were rising and Kitalpha was getting worse and worse. I grabbed her face and blew into her nose and started rubbing her belly. I swung her in the air (as you do a baby lamb) to try get liquid out of her lungs and then,
with one ginormous sneeze, white globules flew out of her nose and across the room --- and she began to breathe again.
I took the phone back, told the vets that since they were unwilling to help my cat when she was in such dire straits they could go to hell and I'd be actively spreading the word to all my fellow pet owners to avoid them.

I was so scared about what had happened particularly as it had come out of the blue.....all became clear though when I walked into the second bedroom to find the floor swimming in thick white liquid.

Earlier that day I'd made some fudge, I'd been advised by many cat owners that condensed milk was fine for cats and even used to help feed kittens. I knew milk is ill advised but I was told repeatedly by different people that condensed milk is the exception - so I gave Kitalpha a small dish of left-over milk while I was cooking.
It turns out condensed milk is VERY bad for cats and causes severe problems and allergic reactions. These cat owners who swear blind they fed their cats and kittens the milk have either been extremely lucky, or are lying.

I'll never forget is how heartless my vet surgery was. My new surgery is wonderful, I've had appointment's before that have costed me a pittance (£3) and they always have the time to talk even if you just phone up for some free advice. I'll never forget the mistake I made and how it nearly cost Kitalpha her life and that condensed milk & cats is a NO-NO!

I waz not that much troblez waz iz? (yes she's illiterate)


  1. I had no idea about that. I've never had condensed milk to give them, but I wouldn't have thought twice. I give Kitten Thunder a tiny bit of milk all the time - and Obi loves grated cheese so he gets a pinch of that whenever I make something cheesey. I guess I've lucked out that neither of them have milk allergies!

    A good vet is so important. As you know, I've been on my share of emergency visits. Once, Poco was really sick on a Saturday afternoon and my friend Tiff diagnosed her with heat stroke over the phone, gave me instructions and called in a prescription to a people pharmacy so I could get her drugs. And she'd have done that for anyone; it wasn't just because we're friends.

  2. Wow that's great :) Excluding Roarke mine like cheese, and elmea which is faux cream, Kit loves a lick of ice cream too.

  3. Oh my gosh, i would have been VERY angry!!! People hospitals won't turn you away if there is an emergency!
    Glad she was okay!

  4. I nearly walked down the street with her and dump(gentle) her on their counter but I was afraid they'd still turn her away

  5. Glad she was okay! What a horrible experience, though.