Thursday, 9 June 2011

Business Plan Heckers

I'm currently writing my companies business plan - which is proving to be worse than anything I have ever had to write before. It's not exactly hard to do, but it is extremely tiring. Sadly just writing the words "I'm awesome, give me money" is not the way to securing a business loan.
So to avoid writing it all in one day, and because there was grave danger of laptop-fall-asleep-on-age I decided to get some fresh air.
Fresh air turned into pulling every scrap (and there was a lot) of ivy off the fences, oiling and fixing the garage door, and beginning digging a border for flowers.
Procrastinating much?
So now I'm SUPER tired, far too tired to now , on the day I planned to finish writing the business plan draft , to open a word document. Oops.
Oh a plus I got this awesome solar powered butterfly thing for my garden which is perhaps the greatest thing ever.
I found some videos on you tube of the butterfly but they seem to all be shot in the shade is's like SOLAR POWERED you video taking morons......I'll upload one of mine tomorrow. Just need the sun to wake-up my flutterby up first.


  1. isn't it weird how there are some chores you don't want to do SO BADLY that you'll do all the other chores (and even make some up!) to avoid them?

  2. and that those chores are WORSE and take LONGER than just doing the original chore :)