Thursday, 23 June 2011

I've been getting my hands dirty!

From digging my first ever border

Growing some lettuce

And generally getting my hands dirty, and it was all for the sake of a blog!
I'm really looking forward to planting some flowers though, hopefully with all the extra hard work I've put in I'll be better at keeping my plants alive! I'm very proud of what I've achieved, I've never done it before and as D did diddly squat to help me, it feels like a mega achievement.
Now because I know some of you may be lazy....uhhuh....I'm looking at you......I've going to go ahead and give you that link again so go ahead and "click" it, it sure took a lot of planning and effort to write.

C'mon now I KNOW you didn't click it yet....last chance...we have cookies!

*~Disclaimer: we don't have cookies~*

*~Further Disclaimer: We do have cookies, but they're not for you~*


  1. So that's what lettuce looks like before it's tamed, huh? It looks rather like a corsage. You could wear it to the Veggie Ball. On a date with Mr. Turnip.
    Okay, I'm done now. Obviously I need more coffee.

    (PS... secretly impressed because plants die if I just think about growing them, but don't want to tell you because you'll be all haughty with your mad gardening skillz and well, that never ends well.)

  2. (PS my plants all die too - i figure digging up the yard and putting many hours of effort in might make me a better plant owner)
    (PPS God is clearly worried about my gardening skills since it's rained everyday since - guess I won't forget to water them then!)
    This is a certain type of lettuce, you can just tear leaves off to eat you don't need to chop it up like you would an iceberg lettuce. I prefer greener lettuce too not the white flavourless yukkies

  3. I am growing a pea plant and a tomato plant. That is the extent of my gardening at the moment. The Boy and I purposely bought a house with a tiny yard - they took out the back yard and put up a garage and driveway - so we wouldn't have to spend any time working on it.

  4. I made D get us a house with a big garden....for the puppy...and yet..I am still waiting on the puppy.