Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cat Mafia Day 3

Well no wars have broken out in the garden, except one between the squirrel and the magpie. The squirrel has been screaming at the magpie to get the hell out of it's tree, this noise can only be described as the screech a cat lets out when you step on their tail. Over and over and over again.
I helped the squirrel dislodge the magpie by accidentally bashing the wind chime with my elbow.

Me: Whoo I scared it off
D: Don't think it's going to come say thank you, and don't think if you start singing it'll come in and do the housework for you either

Dammit, that would be so cool!
In the meantime The squirrel did it's acrobatics on the fence while Roarke, being the dumb creature he is, tried to figure out if the noise it made was coming from the bushes....oblivious to the squirrel jumping over his head.

So everything seemed calm in 'foiled' land until we opened the front door.

This giant mouse is three times the size of the one we found before, which I translate as "I can take two of you - easy"


  1. GAH! Will the murders never stop??? I'm so glad my babies are all too little (or, in the case of Callie Jean, too preoccupied) to murder things or attract the attention of murderers from outside!

  2. Perhaps this is a Romeo and Juliette type scenario. The families are feuding but the thug from the other side is sweet on one of the girls. So he cleverly leaves what LOOKS like a horse head, but she knows it is actually roses. But she'll never let on...