Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What's the story Morning Glory

I'm still feeling pretty poorly and weak so we decided to rent a movie on Filmflex.
Morning Glory - the only movie D and I could agree we'd both like that the trailer didn't spoil the ending to - was better than we imagined. It's no Schindler's list but it made us laugh, and kept us entertained for a good hour and 45 minutes. From the creators of 'the Devil wears Prada' it's very similar in style, a young girl trying to climb a career ladder with little experience, who then manages to flourish, get the amazing job so many others would desire and then choose whether or not to take it, yes we've seen it all before. But the dialogue, leads and ideas keep it entertaining. (Although Diane Keaton is just Diane Keaton again)

I think I want Miss. Mcadams Haircut or at least her bangs

On another note I'd like to share two new blogs with you all, they are both business blogs so maybe not as rude entertaining as some of the blogs you usually follow, but I know they both take a lot of work to run and could do with some support and followers.
The first is Ruby & Rose Jewellery. Run by Emily, one half of their team, she blogs as often as she can about life and their gorgeous collections.
The second is Adamontise Oh yes, that is my business blog, updated weekly and while not as chatty as my own, I really hope some of you might check me out there too. Business blogs are a lot of hard work (remaining professional without being too detached) and sadly updating daily pictures of my cats probably wouldn't be too well received, unless I can teach them to read first, but we update the blog about books, reading, authors, events and anything else we find amusing.

That's all from me for now, I'm going to go sit in the corner and cough up a lung.


  1. I've been gone so I wasn't able to enjoy your sickly posts, but I hope you're starting to feel a little better.

    The cartoon is hilarious.

    And I will become a big fan of both your blogs. I thought about doing one for my metalworking, but how much can you say about metal without admitting that it talks to you?

  2. I think there is a secret "business/hobby" blog secret that we are all slightly crazies.
    If you DO start one, send me the link :)

  3. I just watched Morning Glory this weekend. I enjoyed it!

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