Friday, 17 June 2011

If retweet is repeating a tweet is this a reBlog?

Hoody shared with us yesterday her yelling at the tv habits, which caused me to analyse my own habits too.
I have discovered I actually inform other people on the tv what other tv people are saying about them...e.g.
TV "I really hope Melanie likes me"
ME: "Actually Melanie has been sleeping with your guy and stabbing you in the back so you might wanna whoop her ass"

TV "I don't know what to do with my life"
ME: "I think you should get a job and stop whining...but that's just my opinion"

TV "I put the word dream in team"
ME: "You are really going to regret saying that when they fire your ass"

TV "I hope Jenny likes me too"
ME: *tap tap tap........."can you hear me? You should whoop their asses......tap tap tap......helloooo tv lady I'm trying to help you"

and it doesn't stop there D can be found laughing hysterically as I'm evicted from the cinema for such classics as

MOVIE: "let's all stick together and .........blahblah"
ME: "Noo john's clearly the one whose killing people why have you not noticed he's always conveniently missing and covered in blood?"

MOVIE: *5 minutes in*
ME: "He did it (I'm ALWAYS right) .......... someone should tell the cast"

MOVIE: "So we have to do this?"
ME: "You are all idiots, I figured that out fifty minutes ago and now half your cast has died and you're miles from that location."

And since I've been ill, which I still am by the way, the daytime TV has not stopped. But it feels like my brain has been replaced by a thick fudge-like substance since everything sounds far away and doesn't seem to compute. On a plus though I'm on a Battlestar Galactica Marathon :) oh yesss they rock!

Hopefully I will recover from this horrible bug soon since I don't seem to do much but sit wide mouthed (to breathe ya'll) looking at the tv set, not understanding anything I'm watching. and so many entertaining things have happened in my life but I'm too tired and headachey to want to try write them down yet.


  1. (It's HoodyHoo, can't make the comments work today) -- Why don't the people in the TV ever listen? We're only trying to help!

  2. H informs me I "MST3K" things I'm watching. I didn't even notice I was doing it. Apparently being a smartass is a completely unconscious decision on my part.

  3. D thinks I don't quite separate reality with just how involved I get

  4. The Boy is very logical. He's always pointing out flaws in my TV shows until he gets bored and wanders away. Secretly, I'm counting the minutes until he leaves because he keeps me from getting into the story. For movies I have to turn to him and say "it's fiction. SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF." That's why he only watched documentaries and Discovery Channel. He is smart enough, at least, to not criticize Dr. Who...