Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Another stupid Advert

I'm thinking of making a section for all the adverts that are down right ridiculous so they have a place to live on my blog. I can't make it through a week of television without wanting to smash a badly written advert.

This week: Bridgestone Tyres "Your Journey, Our Passion"

Ahem..."A couple is seen leaving a hospital with a new baby, and setting off in the car on a wet night, as screen messages introduce and describe the baby. The father avoids a potential accident by braking hard, and the narrator advises that Bridgestone make tyres that help us stop shorter in the wet. The slogan Your Journey, Our Passion appears on screen."

First the advert makes me, a hormonal woman, care about a newborn...and then tries to scare the bejeebes out of me by nearly killing it. It's done in the style of our "drink drive" government adverts, I get what they are trying to achieve but it's so over-dramatic.

The message I received from this ridiculous advert:

'If you buy our competitors tyres...your baby will die.' - Lovely...


  1. If that was the message you got, you got the message the advertiser most likely intended for you to get. Makes it no less a dumb advertisement, though.

  2. We were horrified by the advert