Monday, 27 June 2011

It's not everyday I have such awesome ideas

Me : When I have our future child I want to give birth in a swing
Me: It would probably have to be a sex-swing since I'd probably need to be "held up"
D: What?
Me: I just think a swing might be really good for getting natural forces to help ease the baby out
D: Right
Me: I'd be all PUSH------PUSH---------WHEEEEEEEEE----------PUSH
D: *starts laughing* higher, higher
Me: Of course someone would have to have a giant net ready to catch the baby as it whooshes out
D: A designated catcher?
Me: and when it did it would be a BABY SHOWER!!!


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Holly are pleased to announce the birth of their new baby/geosynchronous satellite, Dougie.

    If I had a telecom business, I'd name my satellites stuff like Dougie and Barney and Mr. Tiddles.

  2. your satellite comment made me laugh so hard water whooshed out of my nose - that's the last time I drink and read!

  3. You'll have to have a co-catcher for the afterbirth. I bet NO ONE will want that job.

  4. Yeah that's the only downside although at least I'd have some revenge on D for getting me knocked up if he had to do it...muhahahahahaha