Wednesday, 29 June 2011

If sunbeams were weapons of war, we would have had solar energy centuries ago

My last few days have been a flurry of activity. I'm booked to take my business to our towns massive gala in September and will hopefully make my fortune get some publicity. I've had the joy of trawling through a toy wholesaler's brochure looking for groan sticks, sparkly batons and other such cheerful items which are perfect for the gala.
On Sunday & Monday we had a heatwave where leaving the house was like walking into a wall of dry heat, which was great, but made everyone at least half as productive as normal. Tuesday it rained and looked dark and stormy and today it's back to it's summer heat again. It's such a lovely change from the cold winter we "suffered" through. 
Kitalpha has been testing how much she can get away with, when I popped upstairs to send an email she took it upon herself to eat the ham off my salad. I came downstairs to her on hind-legs licking her lips. Needless to say Kitalpha was soon running the gauntlet to escape my scoldings and got relegated to the yard - rain or no rain - while I re-made and ate my dinner. We had make-up cuddles later so all is right in her world again, since she gets super whiny and clingy when I'm mad at her.
So that's my week so far! Boring huh?

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  1. Oddly, Monkey isn't interested in people food. But if you have a glass of mead and turn your back, you return to a glass full of kitten-head and lapping tongue.
    I'd stop her, but tipsy Monkey is hilarious.

  2. Roarke doesn't like people (or cat) food either. He just liked his dry food and all the bacon frazzles, prawn crackers and onion rings he can lick. He's momma's boy, a proper junk-food addict

  3. Oliver doesn't like people food. But he likes to stick his head in it to confirm that it isn't something he wants.