Monday, 13 June 2011

Still so poorly

I've had some not too nice moments this weekend, from throwing up from coughing so hard, to struggling to breathe and getting chest pains (heart attack? My arm went numb), but no one has had a worse time than D.
I have behaved like I am dying (because I was) and that D is my own personal slave (because he is).
From miming the word "milk-shake" (really don't ask) to conning him into cooking, running errands and just giving me cuddles. D has had his work cut out for him, and bless him he takes care of me without complaint.
I lost my voice, the ability to swallow, struggled to breathe, couldn't move my neck and now I'm congested to the point of pain.
We're at the hospital in an hour for an appointment for something else...I still think the doc might glance at me and declare me infected with the bubonic plague (caught, I assume from my cats pet mice) so I may be gone for a few days as I'm rushed into quarantine.

Alternately he might give me some wonderful drugs to help take the swelling and temperature down - and they've invented a cure for sneezing right?
We'll I'm off to go infect some more people with my disease, I'll be back in a couple of days since, of course I get sick right before my back to back meetings which are scheduled mon-wed - pfffft.

BLOG TRIVIA : I sneezed 18 times while writing this post - make that 19.


  1. feel better, pookie! If you don't get your voice back, how will D ever learn?

  2. I thankfully got it back after a couple of days, he really didn't find my attempts at charades as awesome as I did!

  3. OH NOES! I hope you're feeling better!

  4. I hope you're feeling better today!