Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Squirrel Stupidity

We have a 10ft high feeder in our garden strewn with all kinds of bird and squirrel treats. We have this because, as you know, I ADORE squirrels.
Last night D and I mowed the grass, weeded and cut back some scrub. We came down this morning to see that a very smart squirrel had knocked our feeder to the ground and was dancing across it gathering nuts, burying them, then gathering more, then doing a victory dance and burying them again....I could only imagine this dialogue..

"Omgoshies...NUTS....I am awesome I made nuts rain from the skiiy!
I'm going to bury them here for next there is more nuts here too, I'm a MAGIC squirrel I'm making nuts!!! I'll get some more nuts and bury them here......*skips round to feeder* HEY lookie, nuts! Awesome I found nuts, I'm gonna bury them to keep them there are more nuts buried...I'm so magical......*turns round to feeder* Hey look some nuts!!!"

Poor thing buried them there last year and never found them again.....well until now.
I just wished I'd managed to see it surf the feeder to the ground! And the poor cats, who obviously had, were going crazy at the door to go chase this bouncing fluffy thing.

Mafia update:
Roarke spent all day yesterday laid in his basket, barely moving, not interested in din-dins (his favourite thing). He just kept giving me big ol' cow eyes and a "it's all over today" look as if he was going to the electric chair. He didn't even want to go outside! But he did get persuaded to sit on the outside of the door, while I was mowing the lawn, if he could have tied himself to the door though, I think he would have.
We didn't receive another 'gift' overnight but we think we've solved the problem. We're going to try fence the back of the yard off so our cats have a defined territory, at the moment we get the opinion they believe the forest belongs to them, and them alone. And three cats who won't work as a team can't exactly hold a mile long stretch of woodland.


  1. why is it that cats never work as a team... except to make US do their bidding?

  2. They used to but they are so busy having a power struggle of their own that they don't look at the fact they outnumber everyone else, and all these other cats look at my garden and think..hey it's a cat hang-out

  3. Oh, my. :-) The cats aren't working as a team?!


    Must hear more of this.


  4. You'd think they'd realise they could have the whole neighbourhood if they'd just team up 3 vs 1 but they are too busy squabbling among the ranks to achieve anything other than defeat