Monday, 6 June 2011

More Nightmares

I love sharing my nightmares with you, in some vague hope someone else will say "I had that dream too" and I can stop feeling like a crazy person.
Last night I dreamt that I was running down endless corridors in a construction site. Door after door opened into only more corridors and I kept pressing on, sure I was going in the right direction, but everyone I know who I like or likes me (as well as those who don't) could be found scattered through the corridors. They all viewed me like I was a stranger, or crazy, or both.

My wild attempts at dream analysis
I've been reading a lot of "inspirational quotes" about persistence 'ambition is the destination, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in' etc. to try and shake myself out of a lull. I'm feeling stir crazy and need a break, away from home (which is my work) for around 48 hours or so just so I can relax before plunging back into work.
I assume the striving through door after door certain of my direction is a dream metaphor for persistence, I also assume the friends looking at me as strangers is because I don't truly feel like anyone really understands how I'm feeling and why I feel so deflated. I've been doing this job for ten months, every day, all day. It's constantly on my mind so even when I shut the laptop down I have this niggling feeling I have more work to get done. And I just feel like a need a small holiday, maybe just a couple of trips out for the day and I'll be fine, relaxing at home turns into me feeling guilty I'm not working harder.

Gosh that turned into a self-pitying whine!

Your homework is to have a dream this week (I don't know how to achieve the dream state, take some drugs or something...wait did I just "pro-drugs?" forget a disturbing movie and then fall wait pick a fight with someone and then fall asleep and dream-you can work it out, that sounds the safest option, so long as they aren't "packing heat".)
Then write about it...yes, that's right, It's that time of the month again...serial killer check time...


  1. Chuckweasel is gonna be mad -- when he does bad stuff in my dreams I get pissed with him in real life and I won't tell him why...

  2. I'm just the same, but then so is D

  3. The Boy doesn't ever remember his dreams. I remember mine and either I've worked all night (in which case I think I should get to take the day off) or they are weird. This morning I had a dream that my friend was mowed down by machine gun fire and I was trying to get an ambulance but 911 had an automated system and I kept messing up the address. Then when they got there they kept saying "so she slipped and fell on a box cutter?" And I was yelling "no, she was MOWED DOWN BY MACHINE GUNS!!! See the holes? NOT slices?"

    She will think this dream is hilarious.

  4. Most of my dreams involve murder or dancing goats. Weird, eh?

  5. Surely not murderous dancing goats?

  6. I think that sounds like a reasonable dream analysis.

    I woke myself up the other night sobbing and filled with an immense sense of loss - not crying with tears or anything, but verbally, audibly sobbing. Have no idea what the dream was about. Couldn't remember a thing about it after waking. Probably for the best.

    When I have dreams about my hub doing something bad, I tell him and he always says "Well, it's good to know I'm an asshole in your dreams, too!" :) I've only ever had about 4 dreams like that, though.

  7. I hate those kinds of dreams, I've only woken once crying and sobbing a-loud. From what I recall I think I'd had my dream child go missing and I went crazy trying to find her and ended up sobbing in my dream garden - weird.