Friday, 11 February 2011

Zombies, Big Daddys, and Taken OH MY!

We all know bravery isn't one of my best Shrimp Girl powers, or at least not when it comes to horror and zombies, but once again I have tried to do more than my yellow-bellied self will allow.
I recently purchased two new xbox games - Alan Wake and Bioshock.
They are horror films, personified. They trap ME in them running from chainsaw wielding maniacs and trying to save my ass from crazy zombies/possessed people.

Alan wake is a psychological thriller and is done in the style of a Stephen King novel which you, as the author, are living the nightmare. The lines between what is real and what isn't blur and the plot follows (bestselling thriller novel writer) Alan Wake as he uncovers the mystery behind his wife Alice's disappearance while both are on vacation in the small town of Bright Falls, Washington, where he experiences blackouts and visions of characters and ideas from his latest novel, which he cannot remember writing, coming to life.

It's really, really good and it's very, very scary. Every time an axe-wielding enemy (taken) comes running through the fog at me...I scream... every time a group of enemies surround me, I scream, every time they attack my character...I scream. D is forced daily to drop what he is doing and to come sit next to me for hours on end just to keep me safe. (of course he then does that "omg what's that behind you" trick so I scream and jump and he cackles at the fact there was nothing there)

The other game I purchased is Bioshock, in it I play a plane crash survivor named Jack, who must explore the underwater city of Rapture, and survive attacks by the mutated beings and mechanical drones that populate it. - did you get that part about mutated beings? I was doing okay until these beings began TELEPORTING around me causing me to - yup you got it SCREAM my little ass off.
By far the most sinister story of Bioshock is that of the little sister. which is protected by the Big Daddy, the big daddy I have to kill to save or HARVEST?!? said little sister.

You may ask me, 'why if you are scared do you continue to buy and play these things', the answer is simple, I am intrigued by the story-lines and the suspense, I want to understand why these things happen and how they are solved. My curiosity is what keeps me flicking to the horror channel I HATE gore and my over-active imagination is what get's me later but I need to know what happens and I need to understand why. Unfortunately I get SO immersed in the story that I become terrified.

And now, of course, here comes the predictable bit - I had a very weird nightmare last night, first I was at a vets with a rabid cat, then doing a striptease on stage in a bikers club to try distract them so we could escape and then let's just say it was night, there were LOTS of zombies and I was trying desperately to get away. I kept waking up then falling straight back into the nightmare, and my feet hurt from all the dream-running I'd really think I'd have learnt by now.


  1. once again, proof we are separated at birth -- I once scared the bejeezus out of myself playing one of the Resident Evils so bad I slept with the lights on and a baseball bat beside the bed! I have also been known to mash on the controller buttons so hard I split my thumbnail... and I'm supposedly a grown-ass woman.

  2. I have a "fort" it's me a blanket my back pressed up against the sofa with cushions near me and the door wedged shut.

  3. We keep bells on all the doors so we can hear if someone tries to sneak in. And the concubine even screams at Disney films, which is great fun at the theater with all the little ones. Starts a riot, doncha know. I can't hear the Exorcist music without freaking out and some of Stephen King's books - well, they are at the back of the bookcase so I don't even have to look at them. And don't get me started on dolls with teeth - arrrggh - I said don't get me started!!

  4. *drools a little*
    I must now go purchase Alan Wake. It looks better than "The Suffering" [yeah, you should play those too!]!

    By the way, great post title ... you just KNEW I'd stop everything and read it, didn't you?!

    I love the fort idea! But it didn't save you from the stiptease dancing, so you might need to upgrade it. Maybe add some sides?

    ~hoodyhoo - you know you loved the first Resident Evil. Even with it's old school graphics, you jumped everytime the zombie dogs jumped through the windows ... Admit it :)

  5. Hurray for zombies!

  6. Haha yes amber, I will check out the suffering and yes you HAVE to get Alan wake it is awesome, I spoke to a fully grown adult male yesterday who admitted he could only play it in the daylight:)

    I don't know about the striptease I did seem to dream enjoy it. Although I was dancing with a girl I'd hated at school, I think I was using her as zombie fodder.

    Hopefully at some point I'll de-sensitize myself.

  7. Amber -- I totally admit it. I also still play the first Tomb Raider... and I have a working and still hooked up original Nintendo. I'm a TOTAL DORK!