Wednesday, 23 February 2011


D has been whisked away on a 24h-notice business thang and won't be back until 10pm Thursday. Woe is me. He's been out the door five minutes and I'm already considering throwing a house party, except I have no money for drinks and chips so it might be a sucky house party.
While D is away my cats "Holly-sit" and supervise my sleeping 'cause of wardrobe monsters and potential burglar and psychos. In a perfect world I'd have one furry hot water bottle on my feet, one on my tummy and another curled round my side.
Unfortunately they have a mini war over WHO gets to sit with me and who gets relegated to the foot of the bed. This war is not quiet and involves lots of pouncing and hissing which means by midnight, the object of their affection starts kicking them off the bed and trying to squish them in the covers so they'll shut the hell up.
I swear Evie has a head made of concrete. I'm happily snoozing when the heavy sledgehammer "butts me" in the face. No matter how I hide, pin her down, or how many "noooevieonoo" noises I make she inflicts her very wet nose and drill-bit head on my face. She is my least favourite wake-up call.

I really want a house party, only I want a lot of junk food and pic n mix (I want pic n mix real bad) and maybe some people could just bring me the free booze and free food and then just go home so I can sit in the bed with my personal cat war and a movie while I eat my own body weight in candy.


  1. So in reality, you want the junk food not the company, right? That'd be me too.

    My cat head-butts me so hard, she bloodied my nose before. Asshole.

  2. right there with ya, girls -- that's the only good thing about funerals (at least in the Southern US) -- people bring you lots and lots of delicious food and then they GO. THE FUCK. AWAY. Perfect.

    And Callie Jean has yet to injure me, but her predecessor did once bite through my lip.

  3. Ouchies, my pet injury has just been a mild concussion

  4. I've never been injured, but the head butting is seriously annoying. Did I tell you The Boy has been accepted by the cats? He got the face wedged into his mouth (which starts with a wet nose) the other morning when I'd covered the lower half of my face with a blanket. He's not thrilled with this promotion to full blown family member.