Saturday, 5 February 2011

I'm back

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts it's been a weird week. The funeral is on Wednesday and I'm NOT looking forward to it since I'm certain I will be a blubbering wreck and I prefer to do my blubbering on D's shoulder in private. The week has been so surreal and our sleeping patterns are a mess. D and I went to visit the funeral home where his Grandad is "resting" a few days ago, which helped me get my head around him actually being gone. When we were leaving we found ourselves in a long corridor full of identical doors, the room behind us was where we had visited his Grandad and ONE of the doors around us led to the exit. I freaked out as we had no idea which was was the exit and I didn't want to keep opening doors up to lots of dead people. Luckily D is a genius and hadn't gotten lost (like me), it was totally creepy for a moment though, you'd think they'd label the doors or something.

On a lighter note, this was our Chinese New Year spread; we celebrated it a little later than we should (and by celebrated I mean we cooked and ate lots of Chinese style dishes).

Yes that's a whole crispy aromatic duck sat on that there plate, and yes it was delicious, I'm even eating Fortune Cookies as I type.
Apparently I'm "Ein Einsatz, der alle Ihre Kraft forderte, zahlt sich nun aus." Which translates to "An action that required all your forces will pay" ... is it me or are the fortunes getting weird?

We've also been watching the Heroes series for the first time (christmas gift from Tinkerberry) and I've found out that I have magical powers too. I also can draw the future! I've been doodling lots of pictures of D bringing me food and drink and things, waving them in his face and then he's been bringing them to me. Yup this must be one of my Shrimp Girl Powers.


  1. your fortune cookies are in German? this could be some sort of sign... and if you tell me you actually COOKED a whole damn duck I will personally come kidnap you so you can make me one. And your ShrimpGirl Powers will NOT SAVE YOU!!!! (insert evil laugh here)

  2. Yes I cooked it and it was good (if a little anorexic looking) I was going to cook more dishes but a whole duck between the two of us seemed plenty since D won't eat duck "he says" until the damn thing is on my plate and then suddenly he's chomping through it.

  3. German-Chinese fortune cookies? This sounds potentially bad - like you could be eating at the resturant and they would be yelling Mach schnell, you eat too much, go away now - verbodden! or something like that. And maybe even counting how many calories you had consumed.

  4. Ugh that sounds terrible. When I first opened the cookie I was all WTF does this mean, until D told me to turn the paper over to read the English sentiment, and I'm still just as confused!