Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's a No-no

We all know D Sucks at Gifting and is a Christmas Scrooge. Well that also extends to Valentine's day (I'm such a lucky woman). My therapist Some may suggest I don't take it is D's view about valentines day.

'Valentines Day is a commercial day when people buy each other crap and pretend that for one day they were special and deserved presents and that they only do it because its "Valentines Day" not because they want to."

My argument is that if he showered me with gifts throughout the year he could have this mightier than thou stance on people buying gifts JUST because it's valentines day. I do think Valentines day is a bit ridiculous but I also think it's nice to let your loved one know that on the day everyone else is declaring their undying love that they are in your thoughts. At any rate we don't celebrate it.
Yes sometimes when all my friends are waving bouquets, cards, and candies around I can feel a bit sad (who doesn't like being spoiled) but then I remember that D is the guy who on our second wedding anniversary left me stood on a cliff top as he ran down to the beach and drew in 10ft high letters "I LOVE YOU!" Before dashing back up (gasping for breath) and well and truly kissed me in front of the crowd that had gathered. I was flushed pink and people were calling for him to propose so poor D had to explain we were already married and it was our anniversary. (They actually seemed disappointed that they weren't going to witness a proposal.)

I know D's gift giving (or lack of) is born purely from intimidation (and not the previously suspected laziness), since I am such an awesome gift giver (ask him, he'll tell you that) he always feels like he can't match my awesomeness (I am pretty awesome), so in his opinion since he flounders so....why try, I think he may even actually dread gift buying in case it's not perfect.

P.S I have let him THINK he's won the Valentines war but I have bought him something for Wednesday instead which was our "first date" and I'm going to embarrass him then - SCAVENGER HUNT STYLE.


  1. I'm going to use your gifts during the year argument with Kiefer.

    Scavenger Hunts are fun!

  2. Exactly if they did buy us gifts all year round they can mock those who only buy them at valentines, if they don't buy us any gifts EVER who do you think should do the mocking.

  3. At least D isn't buying you Valentine's gifts AFTER the holiday, when the stuff is on clearance sale.

    I love the cliff story! That's so adorable!

    Maybe you should start a "Things that would make great gifts for Holly" tab on your blog so he has options. Just helping out! :)

  4. I always write him a helpful list and then he completely disregards it. One year he got me a lovely thought gift but truly terrible actual gift. I think I might share that tale on the blog next just gotta find it to take photos.

    I think the gifts I have for him on Wednesday are AWESOME and yes I want them too so if he doesn't it's fine. Happy Valentines day Holly :)

  5. So not only are WE separated at birth, so are D and Chuckweasel. He uses the EXACT same V-Day argument AND claims he never knows what to get me anyway,even to the point of asking for a list. YOU ARE NOT SANTA, CHUCKWEASEL!