Friday, 3 December 2010

Your a mean one Mr. Grinch

Every year around this time D and I have a colossal falling out and we never know why - we always spend most of December arguing it away...but now we think we have finally found the reason.
D is a big ol' Scroogy Grinch.

Every Christmas I get so excited; I bake, I cook, I decorate, and he just sits there and grunts. I try twice as hard to make things christmassy for him and nada-nothing. I ask him to help and he just gets even moodier. "I don't care if the presents are under a tree or in the cupboard"
He is a proper Grinch.

But he says he likes the getting his presents part (I normally have to hold him at gunpoint to wrap MY gifts and he always leaves MY shopping till the absolute last minute when everything has pretty much sold out)
He doesn't get excited by the tree or Christmas cookies and says he doesn't care what we eat as long as its "okay" (oatmeal for him it is then,) by the time Christmas is anywhere near he has depressed me so much I become a miserable lump.

In hopes of convincing him of his errant ways I told him all it takes is a cuddle by the christmas tree, putting the lights up with me and maybe hanging some mistletoe somewhere mischievous (at this point I had to hit him Very Hard on his back due to his fit of laughter) ain't gonna change...maybe I'll just abandon the christmas tree and decorations this year, if he doesn't care then I'll just put them in my room instead...we'll see how much he cares when santa only delivers to the room with the christmas tree in it!


  1. OOO I say you do put the tree in your room and act like only you are going to celebrate Christmas and leave him out of everything. I bet he has a change of heart once he sees you're not going to prod him.

    Men. Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em. Well, you can, but then you have to hide the evidence and shit.

  2. Def can't kill them and then brag about it on the interweb. I have started to have evil ideas of baking only 1 christmas cookie - for me, putting coal in his stocking and other equally evil things muhahahaha!