Monday, 20 December 2010

Sometimes I think D was abducted by aliens and lobotomised....

I just don't think D gets the whole surprise gifts thing.
One of my best friends has gotten me an unknown item for Christmas, I know it's somewhere between sorta expensive - very expensive.... she's let it drop that it was pre-ordered... the release date and how long ago she ordered it. A different friend of mine who knows what I'm being given has already told me it's pretty much ME so I'm not too worried other than about how much she's spent.
So tonight I had a conversation with D about hypothetically what it might be and worrying that she's maybe gotten me something I already own... when D apparently LOST HIS MIND and googled the information, turned to me and went "it's either this, this or this." The look on my face was I'm sure priceless. My friend is GOING TO KILL HIM. I know just how much hard work and planning she put into this gift and particularly into the KEEPING IT A SURPRISE part....
D quickly(for him) realised his mistake..which is maybe because I was turning the air blue with all my fancy three-swears-in-a-row combos. I pointed out to him that if I had WANTED to know what it was I could have googled it MYSELF.

Ugh this half tempts me to just bring all his gifts through and unwrap them in front of him. Let's just say D is going to be lucky to make it to December 25th if my friend finds out about this and I'm pretty sure Santa is gonna bring me a really BIG puppy now just to spite him.


  1. Now I want to know what it is!!

  2. I'll say as soon as I know for sure :)