Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The mind is no longer willing and the flesh is still weak

My house is a bomb-site at the moment. It actually looks like we've been raided for drugs. That, or been host to the elves Christmas party.
And the worst thing is I have no time to sort it out.
In running my own business I was fully aware that it's "time consuming" and "difficult" but what no-one, NO-ONE told me was that every other person on this planet wouldn't realise that it is "time-consuming" or "difficult." D and I constantly get into arguments debates about how not doing everything all the time is just "one of the five excuses" damn him and his training course - he's so lucky I haven't cracked him over the head with a frying pan yet.
So I spend a large portion of my time with D, teeth gritted saying "yes but you have departments at work to handle things so each person has their own responsibilities and goes into great detail because that is what they are paid for.
I on the other hand am the customer service rep, I'm the purchasing and pricing departments, I do the listing on four pieces of software and post every item myself. I'm the accountant and the project improvement manager, both the boss, code-monkey and lackey....AND I'M VERY BUSY! /RANT
Most interestingly while spouting his "wisdom" he never once offers assistance with the housework, cooking dinner or packaging my sales.
D attempts to help simply keeps sprouting off "advice" such as - you should analyse each individual sale, not filling the report in because you don't have time is just an excuse and my all time favourite "Holly there should only be one voice in the room" to which my usual response is "Well shut up then."

I know this extra stress is only because I'm juggling work, home and the humdinger of Christmas (which makes both of the above harder to do) and that once January hits everything will be sorted. But for now I am sick of stepping over unwrapped gifts, tripping over boxes of shipping materials, having an empty fridge, opening the door to the delivery guy looking like I recently hit a wall at high velocity and working 18 hour days....

I'd best be getting a puppy for Christmas or there's gonna be a boxing day massacre.


  1. OOoo what kind of puppy do you want? Jack may want to see England! Ha!

    It sounds like D is good management material.

  2. Hehe a spaniel ideally a King Charles cavalier but they have notorious health problems so any spaniel breed will do as long as it starts off small enough to introduce to the cats and can be trained as a gun-dog and entered into agility when it grows up. I love how silky spaniel ears are and I just think they are hilarious to watch.

    Yeah he is on track for that it just gets very frustrating when I'm having a "freak out" and I want sympathy or him to help out more than sit on his pc or xbox, reciting textbook stuff to me.