Saturday, 18 December 2010

Quake in fear of THE ROOM

Here is what 'The Room' looks like...

This is our spare room. When we moved into the house a year ago it was where I placed all our old-house-things just in case we needed them for the new house. Over the last year it has also become filled with my surplus second-hand stock, many, many boxes of jiffy bags, things we didn't immediately need and anything that won't fit in the mouse-hole sized loft. Somewhere under there is the dolls house I'm repairing and, unfortunately, our Christmas tree....

This weekend I have to sort out that room. (betcha all glad your not me right now) Somewhere in there are many spiders of varying sizes. You can bet on that.

Here is a time-line of the rooms status
  • January - I filled the room
  • April - I started emptying it believing everything would fit in the loft, then I found out that our loft is only about 2 meters wide and doesn't have a space for anything in it.
  • June - I started moving things, then broke my arm (unrelated) and had to stop
  • Oct- I started clearing again and it didn't last long before I ran away screaming from a big ol' wall spider.

    Now I have no choice, the room has eaten my Christmas decorations and my excuses are running out. I mean, what if Santa refuses to bring me the puppy because of my lack of Christmas decorations!! My future puppy-dom might depend on clearing that clutter!

    I'm planning to be completely ruthless and I'm gonna throw almost everything out, unless it belongs to the business, someone who died (or maybe both 0_o).
    I just hope there isn't a giant spider underneath everything and that all the boxes of books don't avalanche down on top of me.
    Just so we're clear and you have some perspective, I took this picture while stood in the DOORWAY (mainly cause you can't move more that two feet into the room).

    If I never blog again you'll know I met my demise in the spider avalanche. -
    Remember me *sniff*

    1. Sadly, I have a spare room like that.

    2. Well that makes me feel MUCH better...maybe I can continue avoiding it then??

    3. I also have my own version of "The Room," I think everybody does. Maybe they're all the same room? If so, you bitches really need to get to work 'cause my Christmas tree's in there somewhere, too! : )

    4. I really am slacking it's been three days and I haven't even opened the door to The Room....ugh