Friday, 10 December 2010

Unveiling ...THE MEGATRON!

Here is my evil creation.
My beautiful amazing Megatron. I got the idea from Peep Show a while back but sadly we only had two remotes and a megatron sounded pretty darned stupid if it was just two of them.
But BARB see earlier post came through for me today turning up to install his box (albeit unannounced and while I was in my pjs). When he was done he presented me with a beautiful new remote control which has MY name on it and I think he was a little freaked out by my grin. Five minutes after I'd kicked him out shut the door I'd created THIS!

When Dom got home I paraded the Megatron around for him to see - he seemed to admire my handiwork as he turned to me and said "You're Special"
I asked did he mean I was one in a million special or that I'm "SPECIAL" and need to start wearing a bike helmet and water-wings. He just gave me that "you know which I mean" look and went back to what he was doing - pfft he's just jealous of my genius and talented artistry with electrical tape.


  1. We all know electrical tape makes ordinary things sexier. Look at your creative genius ... you managed to attach the remotes WITHOUT inhibiting button useage. Pure genius right there. He was just upset he didn't think of it first!

    And now, to celebrate your artistic talents, he should buy you a puppy. *nods* He should. Right now. He hasn't left yet to buy the puppy yet?

    Maybe you should make a stocking for "Finnegan" or "Scarlett" and hang it at eye level where he has to see it all the time. Oh, and be sure to hang it with the electrical tape!

  2. Yes ha I shall wrap everything in electrical tape until I get my puppy!!!