Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gifting and why D sucks at it.

Last night D and I were sat in bed when I (so excited about christmas) asked him what the worst present I could get him would be:

D: .......Mudguards
Me: Wha?? Why?
D: Because I said I wanted them two months ago and getting me something like that for Christmas would suck
Me: Hang on so your saying that getting you something you'd previously expressed a desire for would be a bad gift?
D: Well.. I...
Me: Uh-oh Your not going to like ANYTHING I've gotten you.
D: Well I mean...
Me: I'm gonna take them alll back tomorrow..
D: Wait..I..
Me: Except the mudguards...were keeping those..

*time passes*

D: *muttering* The worst gift we could get is a puppy
Me: Shut-up Santa can HEAR you!
D: *silence*
Me: *whispering* Dear Santa, please still bring me a puppy, lot's of love Holly

D's just a big old puppy hater.


  1. Go ahead and get the puppy, then when he complains, you can say, "Well, you said not to get anything you had told me you wanted, and you expressly said you did NOT want a puppy, so I figured that meant you really wanted one."

  2. Excellent idea Hoodyhoo that plan cannot fail! Team puppy all the way :)