Wednesday, 1 December 2010


We actually got the kinect FINALLY I had to trapse across the town take three buses and two hours but it's mine :)

The woman informed me that they'd sold out gutted so it was a great thing I'd reserved mine the day before woohoo for electronic online ordering!

I was a little bit gutted when I got to the till and there was no confetti as they fetched me my item, no fan fares no cheering or parades. Just a giant robotic dog who barked at me as I collected my item 0_o.

While queuing for the item some older guy (big fellow) pushed up right against my I looked at him and stepped forward. Next thing I know he's pressed up against my back again, I stared at him he glared at me like he was a psycho and so I again shuffled forward. All I could think was oh great I have a crazy person behind me and nowhere in the line to run to....even the cashiers and other people in the line were watching concernedly. The next thing I know the guy uses my name....I turned to him and (okay this is when I realised i knew the freak guy and that he had only being trying to wierd me out - it's a guy I've been avoiding haven't seen in about three years due to his persistent pursual of me in my old local.) we had a bit of a quick conversation ending in me loudly assuring the furtively looking cashiers and staff that I did know Mr. Creepo.
At any rate...don't think I'll be going back there again any time soon...

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