Saturday, 4 December 2010

Unexpect the Expected

Yesterday while walking home we encountered a man coming down the pathway on skis. Now I know this is quite acceptable and probably a regular occurrence somewhere like Switzerland but he was wearing skis, SKIS!. We do have an awful lot of snow at the moment (hip deep in places) but still the sight of a man coming towards me on skis damn near knocked me on my ass in surprise - and I'd been doing so well at keeping my footing until then.

I am slightly jealous and wondering which store I could possibly go to, to get some skis and follow him down the hills - what an awesome idea.
I suppose this store is now out of the question...

This really could only happen in my town - a foremost steel crafting town - clearly top quality as the local supermarkets roof has collapsed under the snow fall - well done guys you deserve a raise and maybe a shiny trophy too.
Where am I gonna buy my chocolate, cheese and cat food now?


  1. Wow. Do ya'll generally no have this much snow?

  2. Nope we get enough for a decent snowman about feb time if we're lucky and maybe a day of sledging before it all melts away but haven't had this much snowfall since the 60's, or so I'm told.