Thursday, 2 December 2010

If anyone reads this get help.....

Well we are snowed in. In the last four days we now have more than 15 inches of snow...and we are almost out of cat food. (This is unusual for our country)
I've been rationing the cat food ever since the town stopped buses from running and now that lorries can't get through to make deliveries...but we are running out fast. As I write this to you i am surrounded by cats all of them staring at me, licking their lips.....this morning one tried to "hilariously" trip me down the stairs....more are trying to burrow through the shut of them has been methodically licking my hand and then nibbling it!!!! Please if you read me...I don't want someone to come along and dig my house out in three months to find me half eaten with the cats prowling round me... and so far my attempts to feed them scraps and leftover stew are going unsuccessfully.

Now one of them is reading over my shoulder I had better


  1. Cats are murderous assholes.

  2. I agree evil evil kitties we are down to our last tin of food!!!!