Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Advertising: the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.

We were sat on the sofa last night when the new advert for Christmas red & green M&M's came on TV. I quickly grabbed my newly purchased box of red and green M&M's and started waving it in the air shouting "Advertising WORKS!!!" To which D sprayed his drink out of his nose while laughing (it's becoming quite the party trick for him.)

Yes I brought the new M&M's because I'm suggestible to anything Santa endorses. Did I hear you ask how they taste?? Well it turns out red and green M&M's are the worst ones in the pack. It's like eating gritty chocolate. I don't know if that's the strategy, to make them more festive-like they've gone and added ground up sawdust from santa's workshop into the mix but that's exactly what the m&m's taste like. They don't advertise that on TV. No wonder Santa has a heart attack at the end of the advert.

P.P.S You all know I'm still gonna eat them anyway


  1. I think they do take the stale ones and decorate them for holidays, which really stale only works for Circus Peanuts and Peeps.

  2. Yeah stale peeps taste way better than normal peeps. If you were at all concerned about my green n red m&m poisoning do not fear I've accidentally dropped them on the floor just as I did with last nights meal...that seems to be my new party trick. Tripping and dropping stuff.