Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas rewired my brain

I know I promised you my christmas tale but I haven't finished writing it yet plus all some of you many wish to avoid it given it's glum note.

'The Room' is nearly finished and apart from making my hallway into a bomb site while I wait for the bins to be collected so I can refill them, something extraordinary has happened.
I woke this morning in quite a daze, I brushed my teeth, stumbled downstairs, let the cat in and then I have a good hour I CAN'T account for. In which I seem to have cleaned.everything.
Cupboards emptied and resorted, washing done, plates put away, floor swept, a "charity" pile (AKA a pile that's full of less crappy crap and is for charity but they will never receive it as I'll get fed up with seeing the bag and throw it all away)

At some point an alarm went off, or maybe it was the phone ringing, and I suddenly came to my senses looked at the brush I was holding, surveyed the sparkling cupboards and thought "oh heck...did I do all this? Crap."

You may think that having a sparkling kitchen isn't something to feel bad about. You'd be wrong.
Now the rest of my house looks even more 'slumdog millionaire' than it did earlier so now I HAVE to bring the rest up to code. Which makes it 'work'...which means I don't want to do it.

Apparently the Christmas tree has some sort of magical powers, ever since I put it up I've been nicer to D everyone, I've wanted to get back to work and to work hard, I've enjoyed cleaning. If this really is the Christmas tree's influence that sucker is staying up there ALL year!
(which in truth is just another way to avoid having to clear it up again)


  1. I've noticed that the hormones make me want to clean for like 4 days before "the visitor," then I want to lay on the couch for the rest of the month. The trick is to get EVERYTHING clean in those 4 days, otherwise the clean parts make the manky parts look mankier!

  2. Yeah I have set aside a whole 11 days to clean everything from top to bottom, kinda of a-room-a-day. What's the betting everything gets STARTED day 11..

  3. but it's sooo sparkly and it tells me things....