Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Zombie Hater

I am terrified of Zombies have been ever since I was eleven and my brother convinced me dawn of the dead was a certificate 12 film. I was okay until they starting ripping peoples guts out then all I remember is running home to my mums house at 11pm terrified...not sleeping for two days and then being accidentally locked in a school by the cleaner and having a fit that the zombies were coming to get me (way to go bro). I. AM. TERRIFIED. I started crying hysterically half way through Shaun of the Dead (which D had coaxed me into watching) even my friends know to turn anything like that off when I come to visit including video games. I don't have a "funny reaction" I just freeze up and then absolutely lose it and D usually ends up carrying me out of the room and trying to calm my hysteria down.
You may think I'm daft but my brother convinced me SO effectively that zombies could exist that I really am terrified that they will one day rise up and eat me. I've taken survival quizzes I know I have no chance. That zombie isn't going to leave me alone just cause I'm screaming sobbing and wetting myself...no sireee no chance whatsoever. We have an action plan and I do sometimes drill Dom to check he remembers it and I do stockpile some foods but I know I won't live through the first twenty minutes of the outbreak let alone the first day.

Anyways I've seen the advert for "The Walking Dead" on FX and being a huge fallout fan I thought it looked kinda cool (deserted towns etc.) and its been given great ratings so I decided that we HAD to watch it. I knew there were zombies in it but I figured I'm a big girl now yeah right I can sit through the tv program - in no way will it have the same effects as watching I am loser Legend in the cinema when the zombie freaks suddenly popped up *shudder* and I didn't know the film had them.
So I've managed to convince D that this won't be another fiasco...I put it on and well I *think* we got about five minutes in before some zombie had hacked its own arm off and was eating it...I almost broke the tv trying to get the footage to go away *shudder* So in short I AM ZOMBIE MEAT which terrifies me but I suppose there comes a time when we all have to just accept how we're going to die.

P.s. the most terrifying thing...the idea of Zombie D. Can't think about it....will give me nightmares...*rocks*


  1. Oh I love zombies, well, not love them, but I watch everything zombie because you must get prepared- it will happen one day.

  2. My only plan is how to run, hide and defend what we have. I read the books can't watch the films *shudder* too gruesome. I do wonder though if perhaps when it happens I'll snap and just be a killing machine but knowing me I'll just scream and shoot myself

  3. Holly,
    Feel free to send any and ALL zombies to my house! Seriously, just think how funny the Las Vegas casinos would be if they were filled with zombies.
    Oh wait, I'm the only one giggling again, aren't I? Dang, that happens more often than I'd like it to. Ah well.
    P.S. - Loving the list of stuff to do! Would you like me to put money in a slot machine for you? If you win, then I can post a picture of me spending your winnings. I'm helpful like that!

  4. LA can have alllll the zombies that's fine by me - then and only then can you spend my losing(s) ina casino :)

  5. Just had a thought!
    When Laura marries George Clooney, she'll have lots of extra money ... so maybe she can send us money to create a zombie zoo. We'll round up all the zombies and put them in a secure location. Then we can charge people obnoxious amounts of money to go through the zoo in a safari bus with no glass in the windows [that's the added thrill factor].

    The benefits are that you'll never have to worry about seeing zombies, Laura will double her investment, and I'll get to laugh at the tourists. It's a perfect combination.

  6. Great idea I can just sell tickets from my ticket booth 2000 miles away