Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tribal Gatherings and Inconsistencies

One of the cable channels is currently showing Series 1 of The Tribe. Firstly let me say I'm enjoying the post apocalyptic storyline particularly as it doesn't contain any zombies! I've sat through the first few episodes and can't help notice how inconsistent it is.
The most glaring inconsistency is that when one of the little girls goes missing there is a massive hunt the entire tribe goes looking for her and is incredibly worried until days later they finally find her.
A little bit later the younger deaf boy goes missing and NO ONE CARES. There are some mumblings of maybe searching for him but no-one does, even his kid sister seems unaffected that he's gone. There is some hint that maybe he ran away after a fictional fight with an older boy but its only mentioned briefly. Occasionally the script writers will remember and suddenly write "I hope Paul is okay wherever he is" into random dialogue or, "is this about Paul" whenever someone cries.
My theory is at a) in post apocalyptic times the deaf little boy was too much of a liability and everyone is glad he's gone - scriptwriters included or b) they were being funded for having a deaf boy, funding was cut, so they bumped him off.

Other inconsistencies include when one chicken gets killed and eaten leaving them with ONE chicken left the rest of the following episodes show two chickens left.
They all fall in and out of love like school kids - well I guess they are
They also seem to only need flour to make bread..what kind of crazy bread is that then!
And the first time they made bread clearly no scriptwriter had ever had the stuff before since they had everyone eating "Selane's Bread" out of bowls with spoons... If that is all fact-checkers do I'd make an awesome fact-checker!!

Scriptwriter: We need some information of trees
Me as a Factchecker: (playing on the ds) hmm what oh yeah I've seen trees before they are fluffy white and float on water
Scriptwriter: Thanks now our show will be truly awesome
(I assume this is how a town called eureka was created)

I don't understand why the tribe never created any defences other than a half-hearted attempt at an alarm and a camera I'd have turned the place into a fortress first chance I got and they wonder why they get raided....morons.


  1. These things are so fake. Srsly. But like you said, the writers need something so they just "overlook details."

  2. Yeah but still somewhat fun to watch as i work, I've figured I'll be awesome in apoplectic long as there are no zombies