Monday, 27 December 2010

Just a quick note

I hope you all had happy and prosperous Christmases, I'll go into mine in more depth tomorrow.
I'm sure you can all imagine how dangerous it is for someone who runs their own on-line business to turn-on a computer when they are on 'holiday.' My "I'll just check my messages" idea left me on-line for 4 hours ON BOXING DAY answering queries and buying this is a very quick one.....honest.
'THE ROOM' is still unfinished and the deadline of 6pm WEDNESDAY is looming. I've made a hole in what was there but it's a suspiciously smaller hole than it was yesterday. Perhaps the cats have been playing Jenga with what boxes are left...that would explain why I could barely open the door this morning.
I'm even more keen to clear the room now as I received a lovely set of purple curtains for Christmas and I want a place to hang them. I am then in slight danger of getting my decorators groove on, however I am also too lazy busy to get involved in too much remodelling.
Unfortunately I just spent the last hour clearing up the mess I made in 'THE ROOM' from retrieving my Christmas decorations (last Thursday) since one of the bags that I really should have replaced eons ago, ripped, sending a cascade of Christmas colours, jingling bells and sharp jagged broken bauble bits all over the carpet. To inspire those of you also harbouring 'THE ROOM' in an old weddingy handbag I unearthed today I discovered... £20 - hell yeah! (thats been hiding there for 3 years!) Maybe I can use that money to bribe hire someone to come clear my ROOM for me!

So I shall see you all again soon with tales of my Christmas nightmare and must dash now before I get distracted that a sale.....*grabs credit card*


  1. I was excited enough that some boxes in my "Room" had fallen over, mostly blocking the door and preventing my entrance -- which I took as a sign that The Room should remain inviolate. But now you say there's MONEY in there??? Crap, I'm going in.

  2. Yup lots of money amongst other amazing things :)