Friday, 17 December 2010

How to avoid a Jehovah's Witness (Pt 3)

Today they knocked back on my door again, it's been about 5 weeks since the last time so I'd totally forgotten to panic, and because of the sheer amount of time since they last called I managed to blag that "yes, I'd read their cult membership pamphlet and no I don't remember what it said because it was so long ago hehe. I then explained to her that I'd had time to think (hehe) and was happy staying where I was and the cold weather meant she didn't want to stay stood on my doorstep too long. (thanks big-guy-up-there)
In fact it was just a little too easy to shoo them away this time - which is probably because the older lady wasn't with them - she had tenacious written all over her.

Now I know the number of JW's I've met is very small but why on earth is it each one of them that comes to my door is very attractive? The guy she brought with her today was a total hunk (sorry D) and that nearly persuaded me to let them come inside...if it wasn't for the fact it was 11am, my hair was stuck on end and I was still wearing my PJ's with one of D's jumpers thrown on top...yeah I'm sexy...

Do they only use the attractive ones to get you to join their cult religion so when you turn up you think YAY, now I'm going to be a bombshell, you walk into the room and that's when you see everyone else there looks just. like. you. the cage door slams shut and wham they've gotcha!

On another note D rang purely to show me he's not just stupid in real life but also on the phone too...(i mean if he hadn't told me I'd never have known)
D: Did you manage to get up at 7am?
Me: No, because you didn't re-set my alarm after you'd got up
D: Oh well I called up the stairs when I was leaving
Me: Oh gee, that's so fool-proof what with me being ASLEEP and all I'm just going to subconsciously roll over and set my alarm clock aren't I
D: Were you up in time?
Me: *silence*
D: Can I still use your alarm clock tonight?
Me: What do you think?

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