Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Wars

Hopefully you can remember my rantings about D's Grinch-like Christmas spirit.
Well I am DE-TER-MIN-ED not to cave in first, so we have no tree per-say but I am trying to create something ordinary and everyday but decorated for Christmas.
I got the idea from a romance historical novel where the evil baron wouldn't let his housekeeper have a tree so since she was full of Victorian backchat (yeah right), decorated a tumble weed instead. He fell in love with her blah blah. So far my only idea was to decorate the tv and put the presents under it, but then I realised this would wreck tv viewing, after all flashing multicoloured lights can be soo distracting. So now I'm trying desperately to find something that isn't christmassy to decorate for christmas.....maybe a clothes horse....


  1. Don't let D know he's the evil baron in all this... if he's anything like Chuckweasel, he'll think that's COOL and consider it a challenge to be even evil-er.

  2. Well he was offended by the term "grinch" and describe himself as Scrooge. I'm not sure if I'd mind him being the evil baron since the baron was quite dishy ...ahem...I mean erm...wealthy...but you are right he would no doubt revel in his evilness

  3. How about just using hanging the multicolored lights on the wall in a tree shape? Then you can use the ultra-sexy electrical tape to "hang" the ornaments.

    Oooh, or how about using your shipping boxes and stacking them like a tree? You could make a star out of the bubble wrap!

    Tell D that Scrooge bought a puppy for Tiny Tim, so either he's going to have to get to the pet store or deal with the Grinch label. *grins*

  4. aha that will be the next "crazy" point I use in our argument...hmmm well I do have alot of boxes...

  5. Decorate the refrigerator and put your gifts inside it.