Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Money Machine

I recently brought a new washer which I am now beginning to think was an absolute bargain as it is actually producing money...
At first I thought it was simply loose change from trouser pockets but it's been too regular...

Day 1 I empty the washer to find a shiny ten pence piece inside.

Day 2 I empty the washer again to find.....a shiny ten pence piece inside.

Day 3 I empty the washer and find a shiny ten pence piece sat in the door line.

(spooky) It's definitely not the same 10p since I now how a row of them sat above the machine,

and better yet now my dryer has even started producing money too....found 5p in it today, just need to get it add another couple of zeroes and I'm home free!


  1. Can I come over and do some laundry?

  2. Heck yeah...but bring your own soap and anything of value "created" over £1 automatically has 75% deducted for erm...wash tax....yeah you heard me..wash tax.