Thursday, 4 November 2010

Before anyone else says it...."Windows 8 was my Idea"

I have been having nothing but trouble with my computers today, not only have I had the sheet I'd "fixed" break again (that's three hours of my life I'd like back) but somehow I have managed to remove the start bar and the address/tab internet bar from my desktop. I do NOT know how I did this. I figured I must have pressed an F key while typing but after jabbing all of them in many different combinations including in-time with the Simpsons TV theme it's still not fixed. (and amazingly not even more broken)
Can this really all be my fault or has my electronic staff member finally gone on strike? Maybe it's time to get a typewriter and some carrier pigeons although knowing my luck they'd only go and choke on their water or something equally as moronic just to get away from me.


I finally told D what I've done he scowled and like a good code monkey went to fix it for me :)

D: You've hit F11 and gone into full screen mode.
ME: I pressed F11 to fix it
D: Well I just pressed it and now it's fine
ME: Well I tried turning the volume down
D: What?
Me: I mean the Screen Size...
D: (walking off and muttering) Turn the volume down yeah cause on any other computer that would work

I'm going to go buy him a banana

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