Thursday, 11 November 2010

My opinion is the one that counts!

Today I had a visit from the BARB (Broadcaster's Audience Research Board) who have been pestering calling me for a while now wanting to fit a box to the back of the tv which records what shows I watch (back to back homes under the hammer dr. quinn medicine woman and apprentice then) and the figures they generate are the ones you find in magazines saying 10 million people watch x factor blah blah. So I agreed, not just for the £14 a month they pay you (168 p/annum £1344 for 8 years WOOT!) but also so I can spam their system with incorrect data and totally change the TV that's viewed. Yes I am going to be the girl that leaves it set to porn for 8 hours every night and otherwise watches old rubbishy movies and things where the actors are so old they can't re-create a new series. I shall totally boycott (most) reality TV and all the "crap in the attic" shows too.
I always knew it was MY opinion that was the most important, I even have people turning up at my house now to find out what I think - awesome!

The only slightly concerning thing was how much the man explained that there DEFINITELY wasn't a camera in it...he said this about three times. I'm now kinda paranoid that he put a camera in it to record his own soft porn flick or maybe it's going to read my thoughts?? Time to get the tin foil out of the cupboard!

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