Thursday, 18 November 2010

I sold my soul...and for what?

Well if you've read the previous post you'll know we were planning on getting a Kinect.
Well the stupid store has sold out, we have saved and sold most of our worldly possessions to buy a new xbox (ours in its old age is having trouble reading discs) kinect and 4 games. Now I sold my crap for nothing. I've opted to "be emailed when this item is back in stock" but it came with a warning that makes me think it won't be back in stock any time soon and that the option only exists so they can spam your in box "we know you searched this xbox 360 slim but maybe you would be interested in new kenco coffee"'s happened before. So now I log in at 7am daily just in case they restock them, don't email me, and some other grubby mitts get one first...

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