Thursday, 18 November 2010

If you go down to the checkout'll meet a murderer

I managed to convince my friend Tinkerberry to purchase a fancy new party dress that she loved. So we are at the checkout of another shop and I tell her I will have to have an anniversary party so she can actually find an excuse wear it. She turns to me and says "You know I am so proud of you for not having left D or got divorced or anything yet, I am so proud of you" (please note not because I'm anti-man but because everyone we know seems to break up faster than they got married) So I joked "well yes there are still some nights I could quite merrily stab him while he sleeps but I've managed to control myself"
Checkout Lady: Trust me I know how you feel, I've done it twice
Me: *looking confused* Divorced?
Checkout Lady: No, I've stabbed him twice.
Checkout Lady: Honestly
Me: Oh......
*cue crazed nervous giggling as we collected our goods and made a hasty retreat*

Never going back to see crazy checkout lady again.....don't worry if you end up in a store with her you'll know who to's the lady with CRAZY stamped on her forehead.

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