Monday, 1 November 2010

Jack-O-Lantern Thievery and Other Tom-Foolery

Well at some point between putting a fresh candle in the pumpkin (while two teens in no costume trick or treated us) and going to bed 30 minutes later, someone STOLE my jack-o-lantern!!
I've debated using the picture I took of it on a "KIDNAPPED" poster but it's probably not nearly as recognisable now it's been on it's little adventure.
Now if I was going to become a pumpkin thief (would this make scrum ping for apples prump kinning? I'd go around the neighbourhood swapping peoples pumpkins over so when they got up in the morning they'd get totally freaked out, either that or I'd line them all up in the front garden of a certain house - take that noisy neighbour, evil pumpkins judge you!

I'm too bothered that it vanished after the kids had ToT'd as, for once, I don't have a rotting pumpkin sat on my porch waiting for Dom the pumpkin faerie to magically remove it.
There is no sign of the pumpkin's not even smashed in the middle of the road...which is what I'd expected, I've had a wander round the neighbourhood today hoping to find it propped in some hilarious position but nope it has totally vanished....I guess the little thieves had no imagination pumpkin faerie finally came early this year!

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