Thursday, 24 February 2011

While the Cat's Away

So since D was away for one night, and one night only. I decided I had to cram as much fun into my one night of freedom as possible.
**disclaimer, not that D isn't fun but I rarely can be 100% girly like I could in my teens curled up in my bedroom with my friends**
Here is my list of stuff to do and what actually happened to my list once I had been gate-crashed by my dear friend Tinkerberry whose fella had gone AWOL, and you all know the number 1 rule with stupid men is to NOT be sat at home waiting for them to call.

a) Get Drunk
Taken too many painkillers today so can't drink - FAIL
b) Paint Nails
c) Eat like a pig
Success a burger, fries, salad, chocolate and chips
d) Do something silly
I watch Tinkerberry trying to do pilates on my floor and I also contact an OLD friend which is barmy totally barmy
e) Take an embarrassing photo
Roarke was my victim, a picture of him in a carrier bag he'd stolen , what was silly is it was a picture of my fingers and a tiny bit of Roarke but he'd moved so I couldn't re-create.
f) Finally watch 'Bridge to Teribithia' (which I owed myself since I did my accounts in January)
Didn't do, will I EVER see this film?? We tried watching breakfast at Tiffany's, Family guy, and Pushing daisies but we weren't paying attention
g) Do two baskets of ironing (Sadly I'm not 16 any more and have actual responsibilities)
Nope got distracted by Tinkerberry until 1am
h) Eat my massive quantity of pic-n-mix purchased earlier in the day
TOTAL FAIL, after my quest for the pic-n-mix I didn't even eat ANY as I was too full on dinner
ha) Weigh and photograph my pic-n-mix
Not done but I will do it later :)
i) make a silly phone call
I rang D to instruct him to steal EVERYTHING in his hotel room and ragged him on his imaginary man-crush when pleading didn't work, yes I'd turned to blackmail
j) finish off the whisky
Nope see a :(
k) have a bubble bath
Nope, Tinkerberry wasn't going to have to wait for me to do this and by 1am I didn't WANT a bath
l) finish bioshock
Probably not a safe idea since D wasn't home and Tinkerberry and I were discussing horror films that scare the be-jeebus out of us...and zombies...and she laughed at my Zombie phobia but she's scared of freddie kruger so I laughed at her (We're not very sympathetic). We shared why they scared us, I shared my Zombie action plan and as she said when the stuff hits the fan, either I'll turn out like the chick from resident evil or be fodder like the extra in the horror films - so true
m) see how many times I can bug phone D before he gets mad
Total fail since D rang me nonstop all night, I counted more than 10 calls.


  1. You forgot to play Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons and Last Stand of the 300, but as you know, that's how I threw my shoulder out, so it's probably for the best. Chuckweasel has NO IDEA of the ridiculous shit I do when he's not around...

  2. I had back agony so no fancy flip flopping around my house. Yeah I figure the less D knows I still jump on my bed and dance around the bedroom, hairbrush in hand singing into my mirror, the better.