Monday, 21 February 2011

This is a Public Service Announcement

If your house, home or flat also has it's own version of THE ROOM ignore my previous encouragement's - put a padlock on the door, nail some boards across it and shut it forever.
As you may remember I opened my 'ROOM,' I unpacked that baby and gave boxes of stuff to charity, binned bags of old things and stored what I chose to keep securely and tidily.
What I hadn't realised is that 'THE ROOM' is an infection, a virus which since I opened the door has steadily been spreading through the rest of my house. I'm finding boxes stacked in the hallway, living and dining rooms, boxes which I have no knowledge of, and that D has no knowledge of entering our home.
Everywhere we look new boxes have grown in some sort-of removal nightmare, and there is NOWHERE TO PUT THEM!
The only option to save our home is to fill 'THE ROOM' full of the spread of infection and quarantine the area. Perhaps then, the rest of the house can be saved.


  1. I KNEW IT! I knew nothing good would come of opening the portal! There is actually stuff oozing (papers and such, as much as they can ooze) out from under the door of Petey's Room... so it spreads even without assistance!

  2. Perhaps you could threaten the mysteriously appearing boxes with your super powers (fire)? We humans know you can smite whole boxes with fire ... maybe you just need to display pictures of what happened to the previous evil villains so the boxes know you're serious.

    You'll need to purchase a really big lock to keep everything in THE ROOM of Doom.
    *nods wisely*

  3. Oh no hoody don't tell me that not I need to buy a draught excluder or maybe just move, can you pay other people to home your "ROOMS?"

    I tried that today Amber I lit candles and stuff while I was cleaning the bedroom and showed every errant item of clothing to said was all going well until Evie took a flying leap onto a pile of ironing and near knocked it into the candle. Apparently cats are not good fire wardens.