Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Uh-oh and the Worst Wife award goes to...

So it's D's birthday on the 6th and I've kinda-of, sort-of, forgotten. I got so distracted with planning his February scavenger hunt, getting him an xbox game shipped from abroad, his trip, being ill and my giant workload that I totally forgot there is a whole birthday day on the horizon that I need to shop for and plan.
I have no ideas what-so-ever, other than to make a bed covered in giant Toblerone.
And I mean I have NO ideas at-all I used up ALL my totally awesome ideas on the scavenger hunt, and now his birthday is going to suck. To make the matters worse he doesn't even know what he wants apart from a card and some toblerone so what help is that!
So today I'm going window shopping (did I mention I'm poor) in the hope that something will stand-out that I can get him, now the last time I shopped like this I brought a mug, chocolate, bookmark, flowers, a candle, oil burner, incense holder and picture frame (can you tell I was totally lost for ideas) and the person receiving the gift gave me a "WTF" face.
I'm usually awesome at gift giving but now I have no idea (D jinxed me with his "your an awesome gift-giver"), I want to do something unusual and special but I can't think of anything. UGH.


  1. okay, so here's how much I love you -- I just went to the Toblerone website and had to lie to it about where I live because the US wasn't one of the choices (I told it UK since it was technically on your behalf, but if I get banned from buying Toblerone, you have to hook me up). They now make this thing called the Tobelle, which is thinner triangles than the traditional bars... so I'm thinking two words. Toblerone. Underpants. I'm sure you can attach them with dental floss or something!

  2. WOW! Thanks for taking the potentially toblerone denying bullet for me :)

  3. I just can't get the "edible underpants" thought out of my head, and it's been over 24 hours. Thanks you two.
    *bangs head on desk some more*

    I was trying to think of ideas for you, but my brain is still stuck on toblerone g-string.
    Again, thanks.