Friday, 25 March 2011

It's time for learn-ding

This week I've decided to share the things I have discovered this week for the betterment of our education;

1) Why a Cobweb is a called a Cobweb
Cob is a word that can trace its derivation in the Middle English and was used to signify a spider. As the word cob is no longer in use to describe a spider the web that is no longer inhabited by a spider can be called a cobweb.

2) Pate' is nice as long as you don't ask what's in it

3) If you wait long enough, eventually Dixon's will put another 10% discount code on-line so you can buy the new laptop
So far it's been 10%, 8%, 5%, 8% ... anyone see the pattern here?

4) Trying to spend excess cash before the tax year ends is harder than it looks
Everywhere seems to be out of my usual stock or has lousy stock in but I really need to spend my excess cash - quick.

5) No matter how many times D says he'll put the sun lounger out...he won't

6) My written German is surprisingly good
D needed to re-direct an email at work which was sent to him in German and probably by mistake. I wrote him a response;
Meine Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut. Ich habe der gedanken deiser nachricht ist nicht fur mich. Wenn es ist fur mich konnte sie bitte ubersetzen auf Englisch.
Danke meine europaische freunde."

which translates to;
"Hello, My German is not so good. I have the thought that this message is not for me. If it is for me could you please translate it to English. Thank you my European friend."

I could become a foreign negotiator, as long as I only had to write things down and they didn't mind me screwing the tenses and feminine/masculine terms up.

7) I am a karmic dustbin
"That guy's a moron....hey it's happened to me..."

8) Table cave's are only suitable for the under 8's anyone older bangs their head

9) It doesn't matter that the front and back doors are both open the cats still walk face first into the window

10) D does nothing at work all day except stare at himself in a mirror all day and then return home and tell me how hot he is.


  1. You just need higher tables for those caves.

  2. I want to build a living room fort next time but I think we'll have to do it at my house and not my mum's, I can't see her being too impressed by my fort-ness.

  3. glad I'm not the only one on a Never-Ending Quest for Absolutely Useless Knowledge! And I whoelheartedly agree about the pate', I find it's usually best if I don't know what's in anything I eat. Also, Chuckweasel is enamored of his own hotness as well -- he will pout all day if you don't compliment his hair.

  4. I'm with Kitten Thunder on this one: Nothing with the texture of pate'can be good.