Monday, 21 March 2011

Ugh I've been poxed!

I've been fighting a cold-like infection for the past few weeks, it hasn't been able to get it's filthy disease-ridden claws into me though. I've put this down to the fact I no longer deal with people at work face-to-face, unless they are behind glass, and that I now work from my nice cozy home and not my old sub-zero shop.

Well a few days ago the house began to get really cold and I mean really cold. I was waking up and feeling like I swallowed some ice. On Saturday we discovered that the boiler had a leak which had made it decide to switch itself off...D has now fixed it, or so he tells me...funny that he said that last week when he caused the leak while bleeding radiators...
Given this crack in my defences, the cold threatened to make an appearance but I stayed snuggled under my blanket while working on the sofa so I showed it who was boss.

Then we went to visit D's mum, his two littlest brothers (5 and 7) were there and I was surrounded with calls of "Holly Holly look at THISSSSSSS" "Holly let's play this," "Holly this is how you play this level" Holly watch me win this game" "Holly can I show you my new game, blah blah."
They are sweet boys and I enjoy spending time with them, however I wouldn't have the energy to do it 24-7 so kudos to D's mum for having everlasting patience. The littlest monster happened to have a full-blown cold and it happened to also be the littlest monster I was sat with sounding out the letters so we could spell words on a laptop game - in close proximity. So each time he spoke to me it would go "Holly, Holly *cough cough* look *sneeze* at thisssssss *cough*" Did I mention he doesn't cover his mouth?
After TWO hours with them I returned home feeling fuzzy headed and by 10pm I was sure I was turning into a giant cotton-wool filled scratchy hot thing.
Yes a 5yr old has poxed me! And because I was filling their time and distracting them D has survived unscathed. I think that entitles me to a medal!

At least tomorrow I am going to see my nephews, perhaps I can pass this "gift" onto them...that's how you get it to leave you right? You spread the disease, I know I'm right, that's just what the "sneeze into a hanky" ads don't want you to know so they don't get it. Then again if it was publicised "Sneeze on someone and your cold will go away" the world would be a...different, place.


  1. I think you have rabies.

    Feel better soon.

  2. I think I also have two ear critters too :(

  3. SEE? I told youse guys, children are nothing but tiny little ambulatory petri dishes overflowing with germs and diseases! And they can smell weakness, which is why they went for you instead of D so they could pass on their filthy plague!

  4. Whittling down the herd eh! Somehow I've shaken the cold overnight and only have some minor nose sniffles. HUZZAH me 1 disease 0

  5. Don't let your guard could be hanging back, waiting for you to expose a soft spot so it can pounce again and get a better hold.