Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Garlic - A Tale of how Gourmet Ranch is destroying my life

I recently got suckered into a Facebook game. Now I'm not one for playing these games, well at least not since I left my old, boring, lonely workplace and started having lunch in front of the TV at home instead. But for some reason I've become, shall we say 'addicted' to the game Gourmet Ranch. The idea of the game is to grow crops, cook meals, sell goods and run a small cafe on your ranch, and it's surprisingly good.
In fact it was so good that I went out and added a whole bunch of strangers to my facebook friends just so I'd have more farms to visit and to help me level up faster. I need to unlock more crops to grow and therefore more dishes to cook, the main crop which I desire is GARLIC.

Today I visited the local market in my town. I was happily buying my salad greens when I saw a whole tub full of garlic cloves, I got so excited as I thought about how much levelling up I could do now and how I could finally make that potato dish when I suddenly realised I wasn't in the game.
I didn't buy any garlic, damn stuff probably wouldn't have fitted into my disc drive anyway.


  1. Holly dear,
    We need to have a serious talk. We love you, and so I only say this out of love ... quit harvesting your stupid strawberries [or whatever crop you're working on right now] and listen to me ... real life is more important than that game. Step away from the computer. Oh wait, that's what I said to my spouse about Farmville.


    Since we're not married you can gather all the garlic you like! I'll write you a permission slip if D doesn't agree. :)

  2. D doesn't mind as it's keeping me off the Xbox, I've calmed down this week, last week I was poorly and had just started playing so levelling up was easy, this week I'm busy in RL so levelling up is not as easy now I'm level 30-something and so not as fun.

  3. I feel your pain, my child. A long-ago ex once asked me while I was immersed in the Playstation, "Babe, did you eat today?" And I replied, without taking my eyes from the screen, "Yeah, we got some meat at the last town."