Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dragon Slaying (for beginners)

My Dad's speech went down well and it was a good day. He'd worked in our town's steel plant for 34 years and at the end of it he discovered that the UK company director from London, who he had never met, had heard of him and made a special journey down to present him with a much desired company watch.
The day was full of interesting stories and it was surprising to see a much respected work-side to my Dad.

After we'd had cake I took on my two nephews(2$5). They'd made swords out of plastic blocks and I created two shield from an old cardboard box and took them round the house on the pretence of slaying a dragon and then rescuing the princess. We followed the dragon footprints (in the pattern of the carpet) hid in the kitchen when it flew overhead and then raided it's cave (under the dining table) for treasure. Once we'd done this once my mum got involved and wanted to plant real treasure in the form of some "dragon beans" (smarties sweets)
So as she planted the treasure I had to convince the boys to basically re-play what we'd just done, not very flawless.
When they did discover the sweets (this took ages since we'd been playing make believe so well they saw treasure EVERYWHERE) and as we'd slayed the dragon we decided to take over the cave turning the dining table into our den.
We then were attacked by giants and had to tickle their feet to get them to go away. (Maybe attracting them had something to do with us being hidden underneath the food on the table) After that the knights had to slay the evil witch who sadly managed to slay the knights so the princess (how did I end up being the princess?) crept into the kitchen for a cup of tea.

It was a fun time though, would have been better if halfway through our play I hadn't been in serious pain which sent me to bed for the next 48 hours. This scan date had better hurry itself up. I want to be able to play under a table/crouch down without being in agony.


  1. What's a princess to do when her rescuers are slain? So sad.

  2. One of my nephews said "The witch has slain us, if you kill her it will save us" and my dad just applauded me at getting the game to end and I left them playing dead for about 15 minutes, it's unbelievable how long they can play dead for.

  3. Glad the speech went well! We knew you would be a smashing success :)

    Just hearing you describe the fun makes me want to join in! In case they didn't know it, they have the Best.Aunt.Ever!

    I have some catch-up reading to do about the scan date ... but I'll cross my fingers [and cat's paws] that you get to have the scan soon!

  4. Yeah I think the eldest has cottoned on to my awesomeness I remember the awesome games I liked to play and do them with him, much better than just building houses with lego, we get a lego monster attack! Or giant lego fish attack etc.

  5. D has said yes, there is nothing but 'Drama' in my games.

  6. Good for you for fighting through the pain! You are a stalwart knight and true!