Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Me caveman, me stuupid

I recently brought myself some 'Pop Tarts,' mainly because Thought's Appear keeps mentioning them in her blog which has awakened some long suppressed addiction that goes back to my childhood. So as I scooted around my supermarket I dragged D down "just one more aisle" to get my precious beloved pop-tarts.
I've been enjoying them...up until last night when I had one of those crazy caveman moments.
I put my pop tart into my toaster and grabbed a plate ready for it to pop. I did my little yummy pop-tart dance until it was all gooey, crispy and ready to eat, I grabbed it and put it on my plate.

-insert caveman moment-
Ouchie, my hand hurts why hand feel burny? *drop poptart* why hand still feel burny? Hot thing on plate now...ouchie very hot and burny why this pain happening? *examine hand* Owowowow very, very burny!
-end caveman moment-

The filling had smushed out of the pop tart and attached itself to my finger - like oil - and continued to burn my skin.
I'd have included a picture of my owie but my camera seems to be created only for a right handed user, poor left-handed D, and I can't photograph my finger and hold the camera at the same time.

It really hurts, I had it in a custom made finger bath for most of the night and kept showing it to D and whimpering "Holly's finger hurty" I got no sympathy for my caveman stupidity.
And today my injury is hampering my pen-holdage. I might have to make it a crutch later out of some matchsticks.
You can be sure I'll be using tongs, an oven glove or both, to remove any future pop tarts from the toaster.


  1. I still have scars from Pop Tart filling accidents.

  2. THIS is exactly why I only eat the edges! The middles are DANGEROUS!
    And don't feel bad, I did the exact same thing with a big glorp of melted lasagna cheese that I got on my arm -- I didn't figure out how to get it off until it had almost burned through to the bone! Me stupid, too!

  3. Oh no! Perhaps you will have to eat the rest of the Pop Tarts to make yourself feel better.

    My son always puts his Pop Tarts in the freezer. Says they're better that way. I'm not one to judge [yeah, right], but sharing his preference may prevent future finger scaldings. *shrugs*

  4. D said they must pay thousands a year to keep pop-tart related injuries out of the news.
    Ouch hoody :( I sympathise. My favourite bit is also the outside I let the inside cool before I eat it, since last week when I also burnt my tongue.
    Hmm frozen pop-tart-sicles amber,he may be on to something!

  5. A warning not to solder while stupid: I was making a filigree chain once and the link I was working on fell off the "third hand." I somehow forgot that metal conducts heat and picked up the portion of the chain about five inches from where I'd just turned metal to liquid with a torch. Um. Hot. I had filigree branded into my finger tips for about two months. Cool story. Wouldn't do it again!

  6. Sorry to hear about your burn. =( I can't believe that they would turn on you like that. I bet the toaster bulled the Pop-Tart into it.

    What flavor Pop-Tarts did you get?

  7. OUCH!! I remember melting the soldering stuff into blobs and pushing it around workbenches in a race with the soldering irons..yeah kids can be pretty stupid too


    I know! Either that or D has been whispering evilness to them. I brought chocolate, they are my favourite but I'm partial to strawberry too. I can't believe how expensive pop tarts are now though! I was like WOW pop tarts cost the same as joint of beef....who needs beef anyway when you have the tarts :)